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Alfie Atkins is an Swedish animated children's drama television series written by Gunilla Bergström, based on her series of books of the same name and directed by Per Åhlin at his PennFilm studio. Released first between New Year's Eve, 1979 and 1982, then getting continuations throughout 1994, then throughout 2012, the most well-known part of the series is the theme music, as composed and arranged by Georg Riedel.


Each episode is adapted rather literally from whatever books they're based on, the only differences being set-ups and little events that couldn't really be shown on the book pages without compromising the literature, as well as spreading little events out into their own little parts or sections.


Adapted from Bergström's own scripts, which are quite similar to her books, with narration most of the way through (the exception being recorded child chatter and noises), the animation team is very small, sometimes consisting of only one animator, as listed in the credits of the relevant episodes.

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