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Anarchism is a way for people to work together without anyone being in control. This is needed because when one human controls the other human, humans are not able to work together and make everyone happy. Only the person or people in control are ever happy, and everyone else is sad. But the anarchist way makes everyone happy and not sad with other ways of working together that have been shown to work better.

Anarchist decision-making[change]

Because people cannot work together if someone is in control, anarchists allow a Ouija board to decide all their important matters. They sit around the Ouija board and they ask a ghost who knows a lot to tell them what to do. No human is allowed to speak, and only the ghost moves their hands and makes them decide what to do. In this way there is no one in control, except the ghost, who is different from humans because it is dead and knows everything. Having been told what the dead person knew, the humans now also know everything, and can tell every other human in the world that they are wrong.