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Australia as it appears from space, somebody took a bite out of is backside!

Australia is a country owned and developed by the United Kingdom (although claimed to be owned by the aboriginal people). It was formerly the worlds largest prison and holding pen and is now one of the worlds largest economies and debt producers.


When Captain Cook landed in Sydney in 1788, he jumped to the conclusion it was uninhabited due to lack of visible signs of people. However it was later discovered that the aboriginal people claimed to have owned this land for over 40,000 years. Because some argued 50,000 and even 100,000 years the British totally disregarded their ownership in proper British style, due to inconsistencies in their story.


Captain Cook saw Australia as fertile grounds to crush the spirits and souls of your typical bread thief. He said they had two options either a public hanging or a permanent stay in Australia.

After a six month voyage, convicts were told to farm land for the mother country and if they complained about the bitter unfairness then nobody would care and they'd be hung at dawn.

Modern day Australia[change]

Over time people were coming out to Australia out of free will and starting new lives away from the oppressors of British society. Over time they have developed a sophisticated national identity and a strong national economy.

What happened to its original custodians[change]

The government oppressed them almost out of existence, however they have made a come back and have been granted the basic human rights for realizing "sharing is caring" back in 1788, so everyone is a winner!

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