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20px-Caution.gifThis page is not humor page, it about some important thing. Please take seriously, thank you for your cooperation.

One of the coolest news of Simple Uncyclopedia is the power to add videos [Youtube] in the articles. Add a video is easy and you'll learn how here.

Say you want to add this video in an article on:


<YouTube> title=Name movie_url= embed_source_url= wrap=no width=400 height=300 </YouTube>

Following this model, the video had been like this:

Video size and other details[change]

The command to insert YouTube videos has 6 parameters:

  • title: In this parameter you insert the title of the video
  • movie_url: Here you put the video address. is important to note that you do not put the address equal to the site. The address of this parameter follows the following format:
Original address:
New address:

Note that the new address, the fragment "/ watch? V =" is replaced by "/ v /". This is the default for all addresses.

  • embed_source_url: This here is exactly the same thing movie_url. Just follow the instructions for the movie_url.
  • wrap: Sets the video is displayed. There are two control options:

Yes, it makes the video has become standard in miniature of YouTube (Similar to "thumb" of images). No, lets you choose the size you want your video pro using the parameters "width" and "height"

width: This parameter sets the width of the video. Can vary from 0 to 1000 (the higher the number, the greater the width)
  • height: This parameter sets the height of the video. Can vary from 0 to 1000 (the higher the number, the greater the height)