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Potato plagiarized from Uncle Pete's wiki

Portuguese Uncyclopedia or Desciclopedia is the portuguese version fo Uncyclopedia and an idiotic wiki-plagiarism of sites like chucknorrisfacts.com. It is the official encyclopedia of soccer players, producers and viewers of soap operas, and half of poverty-stricken population of South America (Brazil). Emerged as a product of Brazilian digital inclusion that teenages before had fun football-playing with balls rags in slums, smoking crack, or idiotized with Brazilian television and the satanic songs of Xuxa suddenly were dumped on the world of the Internet.

How to contribute at Desciclopedia[change]

  • Create a username to be accepted. Desciclopedia sends IPs to the gas chamber.
  • Create an article with a minimum of seventy lines and five images. The descíclopes do not understand articles without pictures.
  • Hold a line of humour compatible with the reasoning of a boy of five years and do not use more sophisticated humoristic features like irony or sarcasm.
  • Has minimal none care with layout and stylistic elements of articles
  • Add at least ten templates and 20 quotes in the top of the page, and another ten templates in the bottom.
  • Quote Acre, Dercy Gonçalves, Chuck Norris, Father Quevedo and Emos at all your editions.
  • Learn imediately codes and Wiki format or you will be banned by any tyrant administrator at the lowest leans.
  • Put humoristic references about football or sex in all its editions.

Characteristics of Desciclopedia[change]

Uncyclopedia joke about abusing others in this poor hero.
  • Of 100 Featured articles, 50 are about anime, which gave the nickname Otakupedia.
  • For reasons already mentioned above, wiki also gained the nickname of Templatepedia and Quotepedia.
  • Has Pornographic articles that would make up the Encyclopedia Dramatica blush of shame, what gave it the nickname of Hentaipedia, Pornopedia and Masturbapedia.
  • 99.9% of users are fakes, which gave the nickname of Orkutpedia and RPGpedia.
  • Does "humor" with a calendar in which the famous dates are repeated ten or more times during the month.
  • Uncyclopedia servers belong to the Google, and so the wiki has a Google quote template used on all articles, and any idiot who has fifteen minutes of Fame in YouTube quickly earns an article there.
  • The Uncyclopedia uses a pirate and buged version of MediaWiki that do not complete links.
At other wikis: Fags
At Desciclopedia: Fags
  • Condemns openly private humor, although it has more than 100 articles "internal humor" (a euphemism for private humor) in its main domain.

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