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Simple English Uncyclopedia is the Uncyclopedia for children, illegal immigrants, blonde girls, adults who did not complete high school or get a GED and other non-native regular English speakers. It is an encyclopedia for people who find English jokes too complex to be funny and do not laugh of puns and Republican/Democratic jokes. It was created at December 20 of 1949 as an alternative to English Uncyclopedia, without territorial restrictions and jokes more intelligible (and funny) for Non-American readers.

The Simple English Uncyclopedia (SEU for the cozy ones) is based on the 850 words of BASIC (Bullshit Absurd Stupid Idiot Conversation) English, but you may use more words to edit an article at this wiki (however it can drive you to do bullshits).

What SEU is not

  • It is not a garbage for Chuck Norris jokes that circulate at internet. Decadent Hollywood actors will not be prayed here (at most they will be screwed and banned to hell)
  • It is not a subsidiary of English Uncyclopedia. It bore independent, lives independent and will die independent. Oscar Wilde, Huffing Kittens and Clinjas are not welcome here.
  • It is not an american xenophobic website. Articles about Latin, Asian, Australian, African and Brazilian celebrities are welcome. But they must be funny and not just stupid. Translations from other Uncyclopedias (funny) also are welcome.
  • It is not a collection of stubs. Simple does not mean little. Easy comprehension jokes we need, not one-line pages. If you cannot make something funny with over 7 lines, then get over here.
  • It is not a stupid comedy movies franchise. Making intelligent jokes do not hurt.

How to make changes at SEU

See Uncyclopedia:Stupids