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Welcome Welcome2!

Oh hello there Welcome2! And we thank you for any edits you have made to Simple English Uncyclopedia. This is just your standard welcome message with the important info you need to have fun here.

  • Page creation: Please feel free to dive straight in and create pages. We're not too fused on length thus far, but a couple of paragraphs and and image or 2 at least is a good start. If you're feeling stuck on what to write, here is a good list.
  • Policy: Please read Uncyclopedia:About and and all our policy pages when you have a moment, the information there will help you understand what makes us different to other humor wikis and importantly what humor is.
  • If you need help with the very basics: Read Help:Editing or ask a sysop or other person.
  • Adminz: These are the admins we're here to help.
  • IRC: Join us on our IRC channel to chat with other users in real time
  • Talk pages: Please sign your posts on talk pages and forums, like this ~~~~

Cool! Have fun Welcome2, and we wish you to have a great time here! :)