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Like, I would NEVER tap dat!

Like, SOMEWHERE!-My cel fone said that, like, Rick Parry, is like, gonna run for, like, Prez homey! He's like, super OLD, and really ugly! He, like, says, I like, can't have an ABORTION! My sk8r facebook hommiez are, like, mad that, he's gonna like run! Why not have Edward from Twilight run! Oh mah, GAWD would that be totullary kewl!

Which reminds me, I like, like, like, had this smokin' HAWT english techur last year, and I like blew him! I, like, am soooooooo totalularly POPULAR!

Wait, wat? Oh, ohmigad he's so hawt! Oh, Parry. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeew, gross! His hairstyle is soooooooo BOB BARKER! Not hawt at ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!1111!!!!11111

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