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English Uncyclopedia is a website you might enjoy if:

  • You're wiki-homeless, and mourning the loss of Encyclopedia Dramatica,
  • You're a complete jerk, and want to meet like-minded people,
  • You're easily led, and don't ask too many any questions,
  • You enjoy voting for useless policies which defy common sense,
  • You're amused by memes or navel gazing, or
  • The rest of the Internet is experiencing Distributed Denial of Service attacks.

Simple English Uncyclopedia is a website you might enjoy if:

  • You're a bit of a nitwit.
  • You're not too bright.
  • You're mostly nice to people.
  • You have the attention span of a toddler.

Speaking of which, this is getting long. Click here for another article.

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