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Our picture or image policy is no different from any of the other Uncyclopedias. Except I'll try and explain it a bit better than they do.

Acceptable images[change]

  • By and large 95% of what will be uploaded, images used to support article content and for humorous effect. jpgs, gifs, pngs and whatever else (although some may not work here) are accepted.

Unacceptable images[change]

  • Shock images - This is just a no brainer, if you're uploading gore, goatse, tubgirl or any other image that is there purely to disturb viewers you are probably a vandal or troll. The image will be deleted and you will be blocked. It's gonna last all of a few hours at best, its not really worth it is it? If you upload a gorish image and then are somehow able to use it without vandalising, maybe we'll be lenient, delete the file and give a quiet word. But this is largely not the case.
  • Pornography - If you're uploading this go back to ED. We will allow it to an extent (only if it adds to the content of the article, of course), but hardcore crap will be deleted and you will be banned. Most Uncyclopedias care not for this crap and will delete it without reason, we are no different.
  • Useless files - Yeah just don't be an idiot and upload a tonne of files you intend not to use. They'll accumulate here and an admin will delete it eventually. Persistently doing this will earn bans as well.
  • Illegal content - Because it's illegal, duh. Bestiality, Child Porn and other such trash will be burnt and you and your IP will be at the mercy of the gods.


Follow this simple guide and all will be well.

Picture policy

is a part of Simple Uncyc's policy