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America is was the most powerful nation on earth until the cool kids showed up. It is currently inhabited by 300 million lazy over feed Americans. Most of the articles on Uncyclopedia is created by silly Americans, whereas we are created by foreigners that have more respect for the language than they do, making us infinitely better.

America used to make everything, including those little made in China stickers they put on your toaster. Now Chine does it all because its cheaper and American's really don't like working.


America has a lot of things to do as well, so if you are ever over there be sure to visit their sites. They have bridges like the golden gate bridge, contrary to popular belief, that is not there to be beautiful but to prove they can build a structure, costing the tax payer millions over a vast expanse of water.

They also have forests, vast, vast forests. If you are ever out in the forest be sure to watch out for lethal snakes, grizzly bears and the damned locals trying to sell you this, that and everything else.


It died.