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Bloom County is a comic strip that just won't go away. It started in 1978 and continues in newspapers and birdcages to this day, though under a different name (indeed, this very second). It's drawn by some reclusive redneck California dude who has delusions of grandeur, even though no one can remember his name. They can't even pronounce it! And sometimes, they stopped storylines for no reason, and then returned to it in the middle of another storyline, causing Hell to RISE! Minds crackle! Hearts Stop! And I'm describing the end of the strip. Some people were Happy. Probably cause they smoked Crack.


  • Yaz Pistachio is the undeniable star of the strip, and arguably the most popular comic strip character in the entire universe. Just the mention of her name brings a spark of recognition into the eye of any person on earth. She is the very reason the strip has seen success. You love Yaz Pistachio, damn it.
  • Tux the penguin is a lazy bum who was cute once (back in the 80s), but really should fade into obscurity, as he is no longer as freakishly hilarious. He is sometimes called "Opus", which is Latin for "i have to install it my self".
  • Garfield is appearing in Bloom County as a gangly creature burned out after years of using LSD as a hippie. It's possible that he might be God.
  • Berkeley is Tux's young vegan owner. He is highly inconsistent and, since about 1987, has been presented as a sloppy hack of an artist. He is the most whimsical character.
  • Donald Trump loves kittens. Don't you?
  • Leann Rhymes and Busta Rhymes are fraternal twins. Pass it on.
  • Zeppo is Auggie's real name.


Bloom County has been identified as the bastard child of Green Day. At present it's unclear who the strip's biological father is. There is a certain theory which holds that the father was the chick who used the toilet seat after Tre Cool masturbated all over it but the only way for this to happen is for the chick to be a guy but with a vagina so this points to the father being Old Greg

The cartoonist was probably under the influence of kitten (or was huffing farts) when he produced the strip. This would explain why it was once printed in a whole bunch of college newspapers back in the day (everyone in college is a stoner, duh).

The comic has seen some disturbing stuff in its day. For instance, They liked to waste Sunday Strips for a bunch of stupid right wing propaganda along with new-age neopastafarian art mixed with Opus in hardcore hentai and mixed martial arts.

And by the way, you just lost the game.