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'''Enemies''' are people that:
[[File:Creepy gw with baby clone.jpg|thumb|300px|Jesus and science, joined to create a miracle.]]
* you may or may not know well,
'''NEW YORK, New York''' -- '''Colbert Super PAC''' is an organization dedicated to making a better tomorrow, tomorrow. It was created by the '''Dr. Rev. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A.''' The bastards at Viacom tried to blast it because they didn't wanna give free money to Colbert via exposure on God's news program [[The Colbert Report]]. So, Colbert took it to the FEC and beat Viacom's ass. Colbert has started trying to collect infinity dollars, but with your help, he will get it done. The money could go to <s>[[Newt Gingrich]]</s> <s>Tim Pawlenty</s> <s>Herman Cain</s> Rick <s>Perry</s> P'''a'''rry.
* you don't like and/or they don't like you, and,
* hopefully you don't see on a regular basis.
If you do see them regularly, it probably sucks to be you.
We have the rest of the story. With generous underwriting from the '''Colbert Super PAC''', '''Prescott Pharmaceuticals''' has been developing a clone of George W. Bush that will mature and age at an accelerated rate. The hope is to have a Bush running for the office of president in 2016, 2020 at the latest.
==See also==
Pharmaceuticals are not the only interest of Colbert, as the diverse portfolio of Prescott Group testifies. A [[news]] agency, oil, educational films and banking ([ The Prescott First American Trust Bank of Midland]) bolster both Stephen's bottom line and [[Republican]] hopes for a better tomorrow.
* [[Acquaintances]]
* [[Friends]]
[[Category:Interpersonal relationships]]
Papa Bear Bill O'Reilly has approved the measure. The PAC has dedicated itself to [ Truthiness] and will dedicate itself to procrastination and improving tomorrow when it is convenient.
The PAC has revieved a bundle of money from Viacom per exposure on The Report. And R.J. Berger, Viacom employee has tried to stop the funds rolling in, though the FEC overruled Berger's claims. Thus, Berger was given the wag of the finger by Colbert.
Andrew Schlafly, Conservapedia founder and former congressional candidate, appeared once on Colbert's program and another run for the 13th District of New Jersey may be in the work from Colbert Super PAC. Though it may be a hard race, as reality has a liberal bias, and the 13th District is home to Jersey Shore and are largely unexposed to truthiness.
[[Category:US Politics]]

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