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[[en:Encyclopedia Dramatica (Website)]]
[[en:Encyclopedia Dramatica (Website)]]
[[es:Encyclopedia Dramatica]]
[[es:Encyclopedia Dramatica]]
[[gl:Encyclopedia Dramatica]]
[[it:Encyclopedia Dramatica]]
[[it:Encyclopedia Dramatica]]
[[pt:Encyclopedia Dramatica]]
[[pt:Encyclopedia Dramatica]]

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Encyclopedia Dramatica (often called ED) is teh bad arse wiki of the internets. Instead of giving hours of joy with good, original content it simply shows picture after picture of an old man's cakehole. Good game.


ED was started in late 2004 by a user named Girlvinyl. She aimed to provide a wiki full of humor at the expense of others. This did not last long. The site quickly evolved into a site with more shock porn than the US has immigrants, finally this version of hell was realized. Sadly for ED, they forgot that because they desired to be independent (and no host would touch that shit), they needed to actually ask the users to pay for it to be online. Of course, this was quite pointless as the average ED user couldn't care less.


In April 2011, Girlvinyl ended the site and redirected it to OhInternet. OhInternet was a slightly more Safe for Work environment that was anything but funny. The users were not amused. Half of them went to OI and the other half stormed off in quite the fit of unhappiness.


Luckily for them, they simply retrieved all the old content from web sources. Using a few bots and users the whole site was moved to ED.ch in a matter of hours. This meant that the site had been off-line for an amazing 5 hours.

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