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“Well, this administration knows how to celebrate our troops and honor our Constitution. The War Powers Resolution -- this is the law that is supposed to keep the president's power in check. It's a 60-day deadline. He can send our troops out some place, but he has to get congressional approval for military action within 60 days. That was 11 days ago.

The administration didn't even really acknowledge the passing of the deadline. Even though The New York times said they weren't trying to figure out a way around it.


They also promised we would never put boots on the ground in Libya. But there are now reports out this weekend that -- you guessed it -- there are Western troops on the ground in Libya. This is in direct violation of the U.N. resolution prohibiting foreign occupation forces in Libya.

Where is anyone on this? Where is Congress? Are we going down the road where the president just becomes bigger and bigger until he is bigger than the system itself? What else will he ignore?

What other powers does he have or does he want?

Congressman Brad Sherman, a Democrat from California, called out Obama for treating Congress, quote, "as irrelevant." And he said it is time to stop shredding the U.S. Constitution in a presumed effort to bring democracy and constitutional rule of law to Libya.

I have news for you, gang. It was hard enough to try to do it in Afghanistan and Iraq. It ain't going to happen in Libya. Not in the current atmosphere in the Middle East.

The administration's only defense so far has been to say that they believe that they're in compliance. Without explaining how they're in compliance. The only defense from the left so far is -- well, yes, but the other president have done it well.

Oh, well, then that's OK. My mother told me something about people jumping off a bridge at one point. Would you jump off a bridge if everybody else was?

Congress, listen, listen to the few who are speaking out and stand up. It's Memorial Day weekend. How about we make sure that our military is not sent out with murky missions? And they are doing legitimate things. And we don't put boots on the ground in yet another country.

Now, that report may be off base. I have to tell you this report because it did come from administration's favorite new news source. They are the ones that the president wishes we were more like -- al Jazeera.

So, that report has to be credible, right?”