Great Britain

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If you were looking for the United Kingdom, click here.
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If you were looking for someone in the GB, try going from door to door and see what happens. Calm down, it's an isle, no one will get away so fast!

“Great Britain? Yeah great...”

~ An ironical you on Great Britain.

“It's an isle. It's surrounded by water. I mean seawater.”

~ Captain Obvious on Great Britain.

Great Britain, also called "Europe", is an isle streching from the north to the south in western Europe, containing three countries (Scotland, England and Wales) and large cities like London and Paris. The other side of the North Sea is fake or communism.

An actually real bizarre thing is the up-side-down world: people drive left, people always vote differently from Americans, and even their body composition is different. Don't try to reanimate a Brit by pushing rhythmically on the left side of his chest, there be the lungs!