The National Anthem of The United States of teh Preps

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Welcome. This is an important song Please get it stuck in your head. This will be the future of America if you do not donate to Meals on Wheels. So, please donate. It is sung to the tune of the Soviet Union National Anthem. This is the version in proper English. For the version in the native language, Prepese, plz see dis, oh, mah God!

The new nation we found

Without any intelligence

The path to the new order of society

And Our savior, our savior

Our Lord Justin Bieber

The leader more famous than Mr. Great Uncle Pete

Exterminate all the old folks

Kill everyone but us and the hot guys

Give us a country

That makes the young folks proud

Lord Justin heal the bitter ones

White and Clinging to faith and to guns

Hope for the change of society from old folks to the Preps!