The New Adventures of Little Toot

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The New Adventures of Little Toot is a 1992 animated feature film directed by Doug Parker. It follows a shorter film made by the same team in 1992, Little Toot, and uses the same characters established in that film.


The movie starts with three dogs in a storm. The father sends his children to a safety boat while he stays on his ship. In the morning, Salty the Seagull and Echo the Dolphin notice the dogs and bring them aboard the deck. Echo goes looking for Captain Dogwood, the father of the pups. The pups introduce themselves as Andy and Tina. Salty agrees to help find their father because he knows him. The only way to get to him is with Little Toot, a tugboat who used to be the busiest and proudest until the boats got too big for him and he sat in the docks looking sorry for himself and then got all dirty and messy and became the home for three cats, who make anything miserable. They plan to get rid of them by scaring them, since cats are scared of dogs. At first they get scared, but then when they realize they're just puppies, they feel less impressed. They want them off Toot, but they refuse saying they need him to collect sardines. They also fret to put them overboard where a shark is, until Salty gives Toot the encouragement he needs to get rid of the dogs. Toot uses his hose on the cats since they also hate water. It works and the cats run away. They then start to clean Toot up until he is ship shape again. Echo returns and tells them that Dogwood is shipwrecked on an island. As Salty goes to collect his most favorite food, Percy's Perfect Purple Pickle Pelican Pellets, while the rest gets bubble gum and ice cream. Claude, the cat leader, vows to get Little Toot to get all the sardines. As Salty boards Toot, the gang travels many miles and destinations until they meet the weather lady. She proclaims that she knows what happen to Dogwood, saying she made the storm because it is her job to create the weather. She warns them that she must have her job to make sure the weather changes. She soon starts her weather storm and the gang battles through the weather. Meanwhile, the cats try to get to Toot, but it is difficult for them to battle the weather. They call out to them, and Salty swims back to help them. When Salty points that they're heading towards Skull Rocks, the cats beg to return to their boat, only for it to sink. Lucky, Echo calls out to Toot to surf. By the time they get it out safely, the weather stops. The pups congratulate Toot, while Salty orders the cats to clean up Toot, much to their chagrin. They make it to the island and find Dogwood's ship partly wrecked but safe. While Salty and the pups go to find Dogwood, Toot falls asleep and the cats use the rope to tie the captain's ship to Toot, because they think that there are sardines in the kitchen. They find Dogwood. Dogwoods wakes up, happy to see his kids and Salty. Suddenly the volcano starts to erupt and they get on Toot and sail out, while the cats manage to tie the ship on to Toot and get towed away. Lava blocks their way, but Toot has an idea. They put all the bubblegum in his mouth and he starts to blow a humongous bubble. They fly over the lava just in time. As they float back down, they all congratulate Little Toot saying there's still lots more for Little Toot and he replies that he'll never feel sorry for himself again. As for the cats, they try to find the sardines, only for Dogwood to reveal that he threw them overboard to lighten the boat, much to the cats dismay. When Toot compromises that they might like the pickles, Salty throws a fit refusing to share the pickles because he loves them then starts to talk out of control until he starts to laugh. Everyone begins to have a good laugh, except for the cats who decide to eat whatever is left on the ship and depressed that they don't have any sardines. As the rest of the gang laughs, they all head back to the harbor to get ready for more adventures.


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