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Simple English Uncyclopedia is a wiki here for the use of those in the following categories:

  • Are learning English
  • Use english as a second language (i.e they are not as good with it as those that use it as a first)

Naturally those that speak fluent English may wish to join and be a part of the project, seriously you are welcome to do so.

Important info

We are called simple for a reason

This may sound clear to most, but please, if you are native speaker of English don't go write an article full of long words that someone who may not be as good as you may get confused by and have to start using a dictionary. Seriously if you got directed here for not being simple, then maybe you should go to normal Uncyclopedia or at least use simple English, as those around you may not be great speakers of English. This means, instead of:

  • Fluent speaker of English, use instead Good user of English
  • Simple English Uncyclopedia is assisting with developing my English skills, use instead Simple English Uncyclopedia is helping with me getting better at English

Or course this works in reverse, don't start talking like a caveman using 3 letter words where ever possible, keep it at least smart enough that you aren't making fun of those that need help with English.

We are not Illogicopedia

Many think Illogicopedia is just a dumber Uncyclopedia, this is untrue. Many think this site is also a dumber Uncyclopedia, again this is untrue. Simple Uncyc exists as an English Uncyclopedia that someone learning English can understand, it is not dumber, it is merely simpler. Illogicopedia is a site that you can post random words that many may find weird and you can have a laugh at.

This is the key difference:

  • Uncyclopedia gets humor from writing a funny viewpoint on todays events and people.
  • Illogicopedia gets humor from confusing its readers and having a bit of fun.

So stop! Before you post a bunch of random words or start copying pasting its articles here, think twice and don't do it.

This is not to say that Simple English Uncyclopedia is the same as English Uncyclopedia, otherwise known affectionately as Uncle Pete. Shorter articles are accepted here. We also don't like a bunch of content on sex spammed all over the site, as is the case in Uncle Pete. Gratutious references will be removed without warning in articles that would not otherwise include such content. The de facto site owner doesn't think someone looking up dinosaur wants an article on gay reptiles running over drunk prostitutes in a Detroit ghetto. We strive to stay away from this content that is so apparent on Uncle Pete.

However, humor is subjective, and an article will not be deleted simply because an admin does not like it. We strive for different points of view and different humor. For example, we will not delete a political article and stick it in a vault such as Pete's "Bad Right-Wing Jokes and Other Deleted Nonsense". Only vandalism and absolutely stupid articles will be deleted. And spam.

We are not Encyclopedia Dramatica

And neither is the English Uncyclopedia, ED gets humor from making fun of things mainly to do with the internet, whilst it's OK to write about the internet, it's not the limit of your options. YOU CAN WRITE ABOUT ANYTHING HERE.

The other important thing, is that we do not allow the following things:

We have an IRC channel

You can ask anything you like here


is a part of Simple Uncyc's policy