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This page will explain Simple English Uncyclpedia's policy towards Cyberbullying and Vanity crap (articles on unimportant people), etc. We will not accept Cyberbullying and attack articles. Period. If you create them you will be banned no matter how much of a joke you thought it as or how short the article was. We are not here to host content on your petty disagreement with someone.


  1. Cyberbullying article is created by hopeless loser
  2. Article is found by user or sysop
  3. Article is deleted
  4. Banhammer

Persistently doing so

Naturally is you create sockpuppets and more sockpuppets to bring across more of the same rubbish. We will continue to delete your article and ban your socks. If you continue we will protect the title and block your other socks, along with your IP.

Why don't we take this shit?

Cyberbullying hurts people, people have been known to be almost suicidal about it. We do not wish to hurt anybody with our project and its really easy to delete the crap.

Inserting vanity sections into existing articles

For sysops, simply hide the revision.


is a part of Simple Uncyc's policy