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Hello, this page will attempt to explain the sort of language to be used on the great Simple English Uncyclopedia. First of all I need to point out that I do not believe our user base is stupid (despite the title), it just needs to be made clear that we are a simpler version of Uncyclopedia as Simple English Wikipedia is to Wikipedia. Simply put please keep the language simple, as many of our users come from all around the world and are either learning the language or speak as a second or third language. Long boring words like personification and differentiate need to be replaced by a simpler word with the same meaning.

Our policy

If you use complex English, we will first ask you all polite-like to stop and keep it simpler. Persistently doing so will earn you a ban which will continually get longer until it sinks in. Users found to be doing it on purpose to annoy or “troll” foreign users will have their account frozen indefinitely. We do not mock users around here. You wouldn't like it if I, a French man, spoke fluent French only to wind you up, knowing you cannot speak the language. Respect goes both ways.


Users found to be downright stupid by replacing reasonable work with dumb caveman talk will also face the same consequences. We do accept this way by the limit of some users knowledge, but then maybe you should learn a bit more before starting out on the site.

Dumbing down

is a part of Simple Uncyc's policy