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[[en:Uncyclopedia:General disclaimer]]
[[gl:Desgalipedia:Advertencia xeral]]
[[nl:Oncyclopedia:Algemeen voorbehoud]]
[[no:Ikkepedia:Generelle forbehold]]
[[pt:Desciclopédia:Aviso Geral]]
[[ru:Абсурдопедия:Отказ от безответственности]]
[[tlh:ghItlh'a'pedia:General disclaimer]]
[[uk:Інциклопедія:Відмова від відповідальності]]

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Uncyclopedia does not necessarily represent real events, people, knowledge, or any other things.Please do not put the contents of the Uncyclopedia as an academic purposes.Do not post content more angry.Content of the article do not represent the position of Uncyclopedia.

General disclaimer

is a part of Simple Uncyc's policy