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! colspan="3" style="font-size:1.5em; background:#CCF; padding:0.5em; -moz-border-radius:5px;" | Simple talk
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| [[Image:Icona de la Tertúlia de la Taverna de la Viquipèdia.png|left|100px]]
| {{shortcut|[[UP:ST]]}}This is the place to ask any questions you have about the Simple English Uncyclopedia. Any general discussions or anything of community interest is also appropriate here.
You might also find an answer on [[Uncyclopedia:Useful]], a listing of helpful pages.
You may reply to any section below by clicking the "change this page" link, or add a new discussion section to this page. Please sign and date your post (by typing <nowiki>~~~~</nowiki>). Please add new topics to [{{fullurl:Uncyclopedia:Simple talk|action=edit&section=new}} <font color="#5a3696">the '''bottom''' of this page</font>].
Please note that old discussions on this page are archived periodically. If you do not find a discussion here, please look in the archives. Note that you should not change the archives, so if something that has been archived needs discussing, please start a new discussion on this page.
Some of the language used on this page can be complicated. This is because it is used by editors to talk to one another, so sometimes we forget. Please leave us a note if you are finding what we are saying too hard to read.
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==Simple English UnNews==
As I love current events, I wanna create the first Simple UnProject! Tell me what you think.--[[User:Colonel Sanders|Colonel Sanders]] 23:53, 22 August 2011 (UTC)
== Simple English Uncyclopedia on Nerd42's open letter from 2007? ==
Since it looks like this site is "for children", would the Simple English Uncyclopedia be closer to agreeing with the ideas in my [http://en.uncyclopedia.co/wiki/User:Nerd42 open letter] to either move away or else give warnings about explicit content? --[[User:Nerd42|Nerd42]] 04:50, 30 August 2011 (UTC)
:Nerd42, I took the liberty of reading yourentire letter and yes, I agree with you. As of now, we are a very reasonably clean site, and I have even ''removed'' explicit content from this site. Sure, there may be some when appropriate, but do what Uncle Pete does, inserting references in every single article? No way.--The Management of S.E. Uncyclopedia 10:28, 30 August 2011 (UTC)
::OK cool. I am probably going to update that page to link here. --[[User:Nerd42|Nerd42]] 16:46, 30 August 2011 (UTC)
Would be funnier if you called it the Stupid English Uncyclopedia but whatevah. :) --[[User:Nerd42|Nerd42]]
== Oldest foruns ==
I wonder how the old forums will be abandoned like [[Forum:No more Wikia|this?]] because it seems we do not have a central page here and the decisions seem to be discussed in separate namespaces. {{User:Rhubella Marie/ass}} 14:57, 22 September 2011 (UTC)
:Well, in practice there is only this forum. {{User:Rhubella Marie/ass}}
::We don't yet have a forum (there aren't enough users) and that seems to be really old.--[[User:Colonel Sanders|Colonel Sanders]] 21:12, 22 September 2011 (UTC)
== Simple start (or 'Community portal', for those who speak 'normal') ==
It's generally a page for information about the project, links to and explanations of things to do, and where to go for other stuff. [[wp:simple:Wikipedia:Simple_start|See here]] for an example - would anyone be up for making one here? {{User:Athyria/sig|17:37, 5 October 2011}}
{{ping|Frosty}} This is simple talk. I guess it. You like it. Thanks. [[User:Lonny|Lonny]] ([[User_talk:Lonny|talk]] | [[Special:Contributions/Lonny|contribs]]) 22:52, 20 June 2017 (UTC)

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