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Wankipedia, the free porn uncyclopedia, is an invention of Jimbo Wales and Larry Sanger, created at some arbitrary point in time before this article was written.

While originally born from Jimbo's insatiable lust for chick flesh and Larry's desperation to keep riding on Bandwagon Jim, the project has since rebranded itself[1]. It now claims to be a humanitarian effort "to create the largest library of open and accessible pornography the world has ever seen" with no access fees required[2] or other visible sources[3] of funding utilized.

But if you ask me, it's a pervert's dream come true, and a venture capitalist's nightmare.

Wankipedia's official logo, pictured right, is meant to symbolize user experience, fulfillment of deeply significant personal aspirations, or something or other. It sounds better when their PR people say it, but they're all locked in their offices with the blinds pulled down.]]


  1. As is tradition with most shady projects that stumble on unexpected success.
  2. Excluding those awful "personal appeals" which make even the public broadcasters wince in pain.
  3. There are reputed to be many, many, many invisible and quite disreputable sources of funding.
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