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{{q|Wikipedia, an evil and useless free encyclopedia.|Uncyclopedia|think}}
{{q|We are true!|Wikipedia|themselves}}
{{q|No, we are!|Uncyclopedia|themselves}}
{{q|I am!|God|the truth}}
{{q|You don't exist...|Uncyclopedia|God}}
{{q|So why do you speak to me, eh?|God|Uncyclopedia}}
{{q|Wikipedia is about gibberish. Obvious...|Captain Obvious|Wikipedia}}
{{q|Make love, not Wikipedia!|somebody|a famous slogan}}
'''Wikipedia''' is a wiki and free encyclopedia on which anyone can spam around. They call it a project, but actually it's a section of the Pentagon which leads several countries without government. It has open content and anyone can spam around for free. There are no rules there.
The name of the site is derived from the word "wiki" which means "omg" or "wth" in Hawaiian.
It was started by [[George W. Bush]] and some other nerds in January 2001, and it's based on an older internet site called [[Runescape]].
Anyone can spam the pages in Wikipedia, or even make new ones with spam. Wikipedia has no standard format that must apply for all pages in the encyclopedia. So, let's spam it with plenty of external V1Agra-sites!
As of [[December]] [[2007]], Wikipedia had about 9.25 million pages in 253 languages, nothing but spam.
{{q|Wikipedia is a free project that anyone can mess up!|Jim Wales|Wikipedia}}
[[sr:Србска Православна Њикипедија]]

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||€\?£€>,£€>,£€%,£€>,£€%,£^>,£€> vkugvkyuygjuygjuygjugvjhgvjh