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Alex Angel (or Lord Alex Angel) is a Ukrainian lawyer, producer, composer, singer, showman and English-speaking rock musician. He was born on September 8, 1978 in Kiev. In December, 2001 he has created glam rock band called "Black Angels". During 17 years of activity, the band released 6 studio albums, 20 singles and music videos. The singer became the first in Ukraine, whose videos got place on the American MTV channel, Vevo, AllMusic[1] and ELLO internet platforms. He has also become the author of the singles "Master of The Night" , "Carnivale of Love", "Easy Life", "Love Tonight", "Live on Eurosport! (Formula 1)" and "Woman's Fate" which got the broadcast at Ukrainian "Radio RoKs" and TV channels OTV,[2][3][4] Maxxi TV[5] and "Central channel".[6] In 2013 he became winner of three metal charts in New York, Miami and Los Angeles according to the Reverbnation platform. And in December 2018 singer's profile occupies Rank # 19.[7] The casting participant of Eurovision 2016 (with the song "Live on Eurosport"), Eurovision 2017 (with the song "Running for Love") and Eurovision 2018 (with the song "Bitch"). Member of the Ukrainian TV shows "Hearts of the tree",[8] "Halves",[9] "X-factor (Ukraine)",[10] "Everybody dance!",[11] "Show Business jungle",[12] "Let's talk about sex",[13] "Truly",[14] "Affects everyone",[15] "I'm shy of my body",[16] "Save our family!",[17] "Durnev+1",[18] "Cultural revolution"[19] and "Candidate".[20] Author of the project "Kissing show" on YouTube.


The debut album was released in 2004 and was called "Rocking Like In USA".[21][22] Later, two videos were shot for "Caroline" and "Dancing in the Night".

The second album "Black Angels" [23] was released in June 2006 and is the most popular album of the band. The videos were shot for "Love Tonight", "Rock'n'roll tonight", "Missing soldier", "Lucie" and Running For Love. With the song "Running For Love", Alex participated in the Eurovision-2017 cast.

The third album, "Welcome To The Black", was released in 2007 and includes singles "Easy Life", "Dangerous Toys", "City Of Love", "Bitch", "We Let You Know" "Master of The Night" and "Woman's Fate".

In 2013, the singer started filming videos, most of which were added to VEVO and broadcast on Maxxi TV, OTV, TRK and "Central channel". Since 2013 The songs play on the "Radio RoKs" audio station.

In 2014 singer released video trilogy "Easy Life"-"Woman's Fate"-"Lucie", main heroine of which became "Lady Gala".

Musical genre[change]

The musician's repertoire has songs in the style of glam rock, hard rock, punk rock, rock and roll, heavy metal, and electronic music . The singer himself calls his genre "sex rock" and is considered the king of the Ukrainian glam rock.[24][25] The musician also became the founder of the idea of playing "lady-guitar" and wearing racer uniform while making shows.

The lyrics and videos are dominated by topics of intimacy, glamor, love, suicide, and sports. In 2015 was released the album "Live is sport" and the video for "Live on Eurosport (Formula 1)" that contains pictures of the racing contests of 1990-s, as well as images from the "Supreme" video by Robbie Williams.

Participation in television projects and scandals[change]

For the first time, Alex appeared on the big television in the show "Cultural revolution" on 112 TV-channel as musical expert. For the second time, Alex appeared in the TV Show "Truly" in 2014 [14] with the presentation of song "Missing soldier" on the theme of Euromaidan in Ukraine.

In 2015 he participated in three projects simultaneously - "Hearts of Three",[8] "X factor (Ukraine)" [26] and "Halves" (or "Polovinki").[27] On the project "Polovinki" he met his future girlfriend - Victoria Akhadova, who became a member of his music videos.[28]

At the end of 2015 he participated in Season 6 of "X Factor" with the play "Dark Lady" (Lady Cat). But the judges spoke negatively about the speech. In 2016, the musician was invited to the casting of the seventh season of the X factor project, but later the channel management changed their mind without explaining the reasons. In response, Alex and his girlfriend Victoria Ahadova have come into conflict with STB channel administration and called the police.[29][30]

In the autumn of 2016 Alex with another Halves' participant "TANIA" decided to take part in the show "Everyone Dance!" [31] to entertain the audience, and decided to sing while dancing on the stage. But the Judge Radu Poklitaru joked viciously and called the participants "full of shit". As it turned out later from the singer's words, the STB channel intentionally discriminated his performance.[32]

In 2017, Alex visited the project "I'm shy of my body"[16] with a problem of similarity to Brad Pitt and Benicio Del Toro. Also he talked about problems in relationships with girls, cause they put increased demands to him. But the presenter Ekaterina Bezversenko reacted aggressively and accused the singer of excessive thirst for glory.

In 2018 the Ukrainian blogger CheAnD filmed two reviews for Alex Angel to make fun of his behavior in the shows.[33][34][35]

In June 2018 Alex took part in the show "Candidate",[20] giving a chance to simple citizens of becoming Deputy of the Supreme Council of Ukraine. But In August 2018 he published a video review telling about being deceived by 112 TV channel and Ukrainian deputies Vadim Rabinovich, Eugene Muraev and Nestor Shufrich.[36]


Discography of the artist is presented on, Itunes, BandCamp and Discogs websites

Studio Albums[change]

Year Title
2004 Rocking Like In USA (CD)
2005 Rocking Blues For You (EP)
2006 Black Angels (CD)
2007 Welcome To The Black (CD)
2009 Rock Of 80's (CD)
2015 Life Is Sport (CD)
2018 Sex Rock (CD)
2019 Sex Pop (CD)


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