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Belive it or not, this bear is loved by hundreds of Swedish children

“Wait, what?”
~ Oscar Wilde on Bamse

“I know! Thats the bear from…No thats not him. Who is he?”

~ you on Bamse

“Run! Run for your life!”

~ Random guy on Grues on the page

Bamse is the name of a non-sequitur comic. It´s made in Sweden and the parents in sweden force their children to read it. some guy named Rune Anderson or Neo made it. It takes place in a non-violent village with normal people.

The comic itself is about a young bear who gains superpowers from eating craphoney. He must beat such enemies as the wolf, hippie pirates , Filthy rodents and your mom while raising his kids. Yeah he actually has kids, the kids names are Beatlump, Piccasso, kid nr 3 and Bob. Bamse isnt all alone on this "epic" journey though, he has his two friends with him: Carmeldude and Little stupid rabbit leap. Many people thought this was a brilliant and original idea , even though it was probably just made up by some guy while he was eating.

Bamse´s "friends"[change]

Bamse has quite a big group of "friends" some of them are:


This is a Teenage mutant ninja turtle/mr.owl ripoff. He is the only person in the comic with an intellect higher then 20. The problem is that he doesn't do anything worth mentioning. He originaly changed his name from leo which in its turn was changed from his original name skalman (translation: drugman). He only made a great invention: The smoke and choke clock, it tells him when to choke and smoke. Once the clock got stuck on choke, Carmeldude is no longer in the comic.


Craphoney is a disgusting goo made by Bamse´s lunatic grandma. Its made with 11% honey, 20% dust bunnies , 3% rat poison , 36% kittens and 33% mixed plants (including drugs). If anyone else tries to eat the craphoney , Bamse´s wrath will come upon the eater.

Drug overdose[change]

Bamse developed some serious drug problems in his later years. He started out with pot brownies which led to heavier stuff like cocaine and horse dung that he shoved up his veins. At one point he tried to create his own brand of heroin mixing it with his famous craphoney. It ended bad though.Very bad. He died from an overdose the same day that his good friend Skalman got wanked to death by a masturbating robot that he invented and built himself.