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The faux patriot sissies at Conservapedia have an even funnier article about Conservapedia .

Conservapedia (the trusworthy encyclopedia) is a wiki encyclopedia and the leading authority on bestiality, atheism, homosexuality, obesity, and bias in Wankipedia. It was founded by lawyer and homeschool teacher Andrew Schlafly based on the teachings of Ayn Rand, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Oard, and other b-list conservatives and creationists. The site is run by a series on cabal editors with unprofessional pseudonyms who tell you what to do and ban you You cannot edit at at night unless the gods give you a little tool to do so, and those are rarely given. However, any editor there more than a month actually editing some articles can get a banhammer. They are the leading force against atheism, political liberalism, forced vaccinations of the HPV Vaccine, premarital sex, narcissism, television watching, vidja games, and Facebook use. They are the reason GEICO stopped using the caveman mascot. They can also retranslate the Bible, as ordained by God, to remove liberal bias inserted by King James I of England. Same with Webster and the dictionary. YMCA is also shown to be a conservative song.

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