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Crappypedia where a lot of shit is played out.

The Crappypedia is a wiki created by Alicia Keys fail after she was banned from Uncyclopedia. To be originally a site that was to serve as the cheaper to run mirror that already existed, it quickly turned into one of the biggest fangirl and illogical websites on the internet. That is before Encyclopedia Dramatica decided to send in a wave of vandals to destroy the site permanently.

The origin of shit[change]

For some, addiction can be a cigarette or a drink. For celebrities like Amy Winehouse, drugs can be the addiction. But Alicia Keys' vandalism to Wikipedia and fangirl edits to Uncyclopedia was a fine substitute. She inventing the most boring things in life and she lost her head to be displayed when the novice a month and used a sock to vote upon being discovered and banned.

Lol offline[change]

When the site decided to upgrade its MediaWiki, the site bureaucrats decided to ban most of their admins, and "start again". Unfortunately they soon forgot about the site when it became infected with goatse spammers the bureaucrats purged the site and redirected it to some forum.

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