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Spademanns Leksikon is Uncle Pete in disguise! But, it's in Crappish! Their unmasked name is Spade's Lexicon and they're soooooo Uncle Pete! The Uncyc logo (that ugly potato-type thing) is not present, giving the wary passer-by the impression that Uncle Pete doesn't own it. But, even though it hasn't faced the wrath of WIKIA, it will. Jimbo is on it. Even though The majority of the population doesn't understand what the crap it's talking about, it's destroying our moral soul! They also have HTBFANJS in disguise, "Vær sjov, ikke dum" which is translated "Be funny, not stupid". Sounds familiar. Just like English Uncyc, they huff articles all day for no valid reason with the wrath of Pikachu.

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