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Detention is given to a student for doing something incredibly bad. They are assigned by teachers, support staff, and administrators.

Detention is mostly given when a teacher acts like a complete bitch when a student didn't behave the way she wanted. If you fart, it's a detention. If you talk, it's a detention. If you do something you didn't know you weren't supposed to be doing, it's a detention.

Some teachers fail to give students warnings because they are too strict for them.

In this article, I will explain the types of detention and what happens in detention.

Types of Detention[change]

Homework Detention[change]

Used when a student fails to do a single homework assignment and is used TOO much at some schools. It is also used when a school cares too much about homework and wants students to face the consequences of doing homework. Homework detentions can be assigned when a teacher assigned a reading assignment and decides to accuse a student of not reading a stupid book they wanted him/her to read. Many students likes to give fake excuses to bypass this overused punishment.

Behavior Detention[change]

If you misbehave, you'll be on behavior detention. But, some teachers do not know what misbehavior is and put you on behavior detention for reasons such as farting, burping, getting hurt, and even trying to correct the teacher.

Saturday Detention[change]

Saturday Detentions are used for the reasons above, only the student will have to go to school on a Saturday. However, this is going to be a problem for parents because the stupid ass school doesn't want to do transportation. If you miss for ANY reason, you will be suspended. Most schools have you in for 2 hours, but some schools like to treat Saturday detention like prison by having the student come in for more than 4 hours. Saturday Detentions aren't that stupid, but need to be tweaked.

After-School Detention[change]

If you misbehave in school, you'll be given an after-school detention. You will have to stay in school for 1 or more hours to serve your detention. If you skip after-school detention, you will be suspended.

Consequences of Detention[change]


Detentions don't go on your permanent record. But you may lose privileges like going to the dance or going on field-trips. Some schools are too harsh by making it where if you have even ONE detention, you have already lost your privileges.

Schools need to stop being so harsh about their detention policies. I understand that detention is used to punish students, but schools are taking it too seriously. After-school detentions should not be used anymore, and Saturday detentions need to start offering transportation. No student should be suspended for skipping detention due to transportation issues because the school itself is so stupid to provide them.

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