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Egypt is a land where mummies live in pyramids. In Arabic it is called Mars, because in the old days people thought it was much farther away.


Egypt is best known for its magic. Egyptian wizards invented the cat. They threw their staffs at the ground and the staffs turned into the first cats. The cats ruled Egypt until Moses came along and created the lion, the tiger, and the bear (oh my). With these he took over Egypt and traded it to Rome. Since then it has never been the same. There are still mummies, pyramids, and wizards, but falafels are made of fava beans.


People from Egypt write magic spells in Arabic using pictures called hieroglyphs. This is because they like pictures a lot. They even made a big three-dimensional picture of a lion with a man's head. This was called the sphynx. Slaves built it, because Egyptians also love slaves. But the slaves speak Hebrew.