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This is how to translate English into Simple English. A word in English will be shown and next to it will be the Simple English version. This is in alphabetical order.

  • abandon - give up, leave alone
  • bitch - she-dog, prostitute
  • Brazilian - miserable Latin American
  • continuous - not ending, going on
  • contradict - to go against
  • fag - gay man
  • fuck - have sex
  • individual - one, some
  • justified - lawful, right
  • lesbian - gay woman
  • luminescence - giving light
  • originate - come from
  • otaku - Japanese nerd
  • son of a bitch - child of a prostitute
  • specific - special
  • taken aback - surprised and scared at the same time
  • translate - to turn one language into another language

Irregular verbs[change]

A list of irregular verbs in Simple English are listed below.

To be[change]

  • I'm not - I am not
  • You're not - You are not
  • He's not - He is not
  • She's not - She is not
  • It's not - It is not
  • We´re not - We are not
  • They're not - They are not

Using Simplish[change]

Simplish is "[t]he only Ogden's Basic English text-simplifying tool online."[1] You can use it at http://www.simplish.org/.

Other information[change]

Please expand and improve as well if you see any mistakes or if you have any other more sensible suggestions.

For more help with translation, visit the Simple English Wiktionary, or see Wikipedia:Aids for Writing Simple English. Because as we all know, writing Simple English will give you AIDS.