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Fascism is a very bad thing that everyone hates. Because of this, people often say that others believe in it. For example, they said that Francisco Franco was a fascist, even though he was really a phalangist. And they said that Adolf Hitler was a fascist, even though he was really a Nazi. And some even say that Benito Mussolini was one, even though he was really just a right-wing populist.

Everyone who uses this word is just trying to shut up the people who are against them, so feel free not to listen to them. Just cover your ears and think about your country and do what you're told. They are probably weak anyway, and those who are not strong need to die. If they use this word to talk about you, they have lost at life and should be wiped out like the pests they are.


Some believe that fascism is when the leader of a country tells his people he will make them great by doing away with the people who are not like them. Not true! That's just called being a winner. The laws of nature say that winners should win and losers should lose. Losing is bad, and fascism is bad, so fascists are losers. Winners can't be fascists because winners are good. That's logic 101.

Fascism is also when a person who disagrees with the leader uses violence instead of holding signs like a good little hippie. This is not because violence is bad, but because it's the police's job. The left's job is to hold signs and chant. Left chanting, police violence. How hard is that? Am I the only one who gives a shit about the rules here? Fucking fascists.

Fascism today[change]

Everyone knows that today, there is no such thing as fascism, except for two types of people: feminazis and Muslims. Oh, and communists, those evil fascist communists. We ought to teach them not to get above themselves. They go against the natural order of things. The way things have always been. They have way too much freedom, and the world is changing too fast. We need to teach them a lesson, those fascists. But anyone else, if you call them a fascist, you have lost the debate. It's a universal law called Godwin's law. It's physics. Anyone who disagrees with that is the real fascist.

Related books[change]

Don't waste your time, really. Don't read about fascism. Whatever you read will be nerdy bullshit anyway. Just politically correct lies. And it's all written by pinkos and communists. Don't think about fascism, just live your life. Thinking is for cucks. If you hear the word "fascism," just don't listen. Tune it out. Instead, go with your gut. Use common sense. That'll tell you all you need to know. Does Donald Trump look like a loser to you? Of course not, so he can't be a fascist. It's very clear if you don't over-think it.