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The Ferengi are a race of men from outer space who want to make people write truer things about games. They think women are too often written about and that the women who write about games hate men.

To stop the hating of men and the lies being told about games, they started a very big group of men that took over many worlds and forced women not to wear clothes, get money, own things or have thoughts of their own. They made women into things that were owned by men in order to keep them from writing things about games that were not true. This allowed them to get a lot of money from the work of women without giving them money. In this way they became known around the galaxy as the people who had the most money and wrote the truest things about games.

They are known for their strange heads with big ears, which used to be very wide things called "fedoras" that covered their heads and were different from their actual bodies, which they would grab and quickly move down, then up, to say many different things to their women. Over hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of years, their heads slowly changed so as to become one with the fedoras.