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Fire is a really really hot red light that burns things up. It is really hot and sometimes it goes BOOM!


Fire is really hot. I tried touching fire and it hurt very bad. Fire makes gray icky air that is bad to breathe. Don't breathe the gray icky air. The gray icky air is bad.


You can use fire to cook things, burn things, or kill bad guys. But you should not use fire to kill bad guys too fast. They might be good guys who dress up as bad guys, or they might have bad guy friends who wear blue, and they might come to hurt you for killing their bad guy friends with fire.

Destructive Uses[change]

Fire is really really bad if you do not know how to use fire. Sometimes evil devils named Satan will tell you to use fire for bad things. Don't listen to the evil devil. Use fire for good things. If you come under the control of the evil red devil, you should tell the men in blue who come to question you about it. If you do not tell them you might not ever be able to make fire again.


If there is too much fire you pour water on it. Water stops fire. But if the water makes the fire bigger, run away and tell no one this happened. Ever. You can make yourself stop thinking about this if you play enough games and take enough funny water from the cabinet.


Sometimes it touches gas and things go BOOM! Do not let fire touch gas. Fire is hot and it goes BOOM. When fire goes BOOM it is very bad and people go sleep and never wake up. Do not let fire take them away from you.