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Many suspect that the Galician Uncyclopedia has the same origin that the holy cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

The Desgalipédia is a failed attempt of a free encyclopedia, it is written in the Galician language, which is a mixture of Spanish and Portuguese language. The Desgalipedia articles are 100% copied Uncyclopedia - that's right, not copied and translated - the Desgalipedia currently has the incredible number of two users, one of which is a Sock Puppet furry crazy, and all other users are strangely blocked no reason for the administration idiot site, which is formed by unique users of the site.


The creator of the site in its real forma.

Tudo started when the creator of this thing, seduced by the power of Uncle Pete decides to create this Uncyclopedia version in Wikia. We do not know how the site came from the influence of Uncle Pete, but we believe that the desire to be able to connect the other and seeing that Uncyclopedia was Wikia, who actually controlled Uncle Pete has been crucial to their independence.

The Desgalipedia feeds a very serious rivalry with the Portuguese Uncyclopedia, causing countless flamewars in internet. The problem is easily explained because the two languages ​​have the same origin since the Middle Ages. Are therefore two sisters who treat each other as Cain and Abel.

During this war, Desgalipedia made ​​agreements with other versions with other uncys as Irish Uncyclopedia, Occitan Uncyclopedia, and smaller ones like it here. However, poorly cared Desgalipedia this site, seeing the difference between the number of articles in it with the Simple.

Hoxe en día[change]

The managers of the sacred Desgalipedia expelling vandals of the Portuguese Uncyclopedia and Rio de Janeiro's drug dealers.

Currently, Desgalipedia only has three priorities:

  1. Overcoming the Portuguese Uncyclopedia on number of articles;
  2. Overcoming a wiki called Feijoopédia in number of articles. Since this site was the main newspaper of Galicia, this has been the subject of hate.
  3. Promote the creation of more Uncyclopedias preventing Uncle Pete create and control ther
  4. Four, because I can not tell

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