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Andy Schlaflys, making more of themselves.

Insight, according to Andrew Schlafly, is when a liberal fascist finally realizes a central truth such as the undeniable fact that homosexuality causes colon cancer, homeschooling prevents fornication and obesity, and that Facebook use results in lower grades. Other notable Conservapedians have had valuable insights such as five year blocks are better than infinite ones since they give the user some reflection time.

The user cannot be given true insight without accepting the truth that is bat fuck Christianity. Sorting through the records, we can see that Mr. Schlafly is the 8,954'th goofiest looking person alive on the planet today. Interestingly, his goofy-lookingness is surpassed by two other pillars of American bat fuck Conservatism, Rick Santorum and Tim Pawlenty.

If a new Conservapedian only identified by his fake first name and a random initial gives a brilliant insight such as liberals are constantly using evil words to indoctrinate our children and take them from their original conservative state and that these words aren't Satanic atheist liberal communist socialist Muslim propaganda and provide a vague solution, they are rewarded by being given the ability to not have to solve a bunch of garble to post an external link, banhammers, and on rare occasions the ability to edit half of most days and in extremely rare instances the ability to upload photos!!!!

Examples of insights[change]

  • Homosexuality causes colon cancer
  • Rap is evil
  • Obama is a socialist
  • Obama is a fascist
  • Obama is a communist
  • Obama is an atheist
  • Obama is a Muslim
  • Obama's middle name is HUSSEIN!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Video games promote obesity
  • Lady GaGa is transgendered
  • Andrew Schlafly is God
  • YMCA is a conservative song
  • Jeb Bush is running for President
  • The Bible in its modern form has a liberal bias