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“It is a series of tubes”

Internet is the term used to describe the very thing you are using right now. Without the internet we wouldn't have Simple English Uncyclopedia, eBay or Pornography, imagine what the world would be like without that! Chances are you spend a good 12 hours a day on the internet, the other 12 spent sleeping and passing out from alcohol consumption.


The internet was created by Al Gore in the 1980s so US spies could communicate with other US spies (that were probably Russian Spies posing as US spies), and only the top agents in the world could use it. Now anyone could pass any amount of information over the internet. The top products these days being pornography, pirated movies, pirated videogames and pirated pornography.


Seriously... Don't use Australian internet ever.

Dialup is also pretty slow.

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