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The man, the legend, the liability.

Jimbert Jumpin' Jehoshaphat Wales, also known as Jimmy Wails, Jimbo Wales, and "...that bastard... how could he DO this? ... again!" is an Armenian Internet pornographer and prosthetic arms dealer, best known as a co-founder and promoter of the online non-prophet encyclopedia Wikipedia and the non-profitable Wikia company...

However, on weekends he likes to forget all that, get on his yacht, and play the role of Surly Captain Shaggalot and the Quest for the Brazen Strumpet's Treasure Chest.

Early life and education[change]

Wales was born in Huntsville, Alabama, a poor black child in a poor black neighbourhood. The son of grease paint entertainer Al Jolson and Chocolate Frosted Oat Nuggets cereal box pin-up girl Melinda Bleccch, Jimmy developed his own theatrical abilities as a social chameleon... and became white and middle class instead.

But really[change]

Who cares? Just writing this is making me lose the will to live.

Isn't there someone more worthy of a decent biography?[change]

Probably. I should go look now.