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Nudepedia,[1] was the first failed attempt of Jimbo Wales and his BFF of the month Larry Sanger to create a free uncyclopedia of porn.

It featured a really bad, cheap looking HTML-based logo:

The open legged, open content encyclopedia.

...and a lousy slogan that Jim came up with himself.

Larry, desperate to save their fading relationship, initially only participated in this venture on the condition that it harnessed real expertise, that is, the aforementioned professional models. However, due to the lack of funding it was expensive to procure enough cheap tarts to provide a reasonable amount of content.

For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Nudepedia.

A number of inventive techniques to maximize the budget were tried, including:

  • Jimmy quitting smoking, or smoking only what he could find on the floor of the parking garage.
  • Jimmy quitting drinking, or drinking only what he could mix in the bathtub at home.
  • Jimmy selling his yacht.
  • Combining photoshoots with other, unspecified "value-added" services.[2]

In the end, Jimbo decided that there was more mileage in chasing amateur skirts, and thus the sucessful business model for Wankipedia was created.


  1. Or, Wankipedia pre-seminal release alpha 1
  2. No, don't ask. Just think, and make a best guess.
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