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Plaid Cymru is a political party of some kind.


The Party's members often stress its being totally different from the British parties. This is indeed true; while the other parties like making the most of their successes and saving on every chance to make a difference, by increasing their efforts and their power with the years, the strategy of Plaid Cymru is to do the opposite: its answer to every success is to shrink more and more into the shadows, and every chance to make a difference is changed into a chance to do as little as possible, as is seen in the Assembly Government now.


The Party's name is consistent with this strategy. When the Party was formed in 1925, its name was Plaid Genedlaethol Cymru (English: Nationalist Party of Wales). For many years, the Party was true to the original aim, that is being totally unpopular. With nationalism starting to gain momentum in Wales, it was decided that the Party's name was too nationalist and there would be a danger of its becoming a popular party, so the name was changed to Plaid Cymru. After the arrival of the Assembly, more and more people came to see Wales as a political unit and to give more power to Wales as a country; Plaid Cymru's reaction therefore was to remove Cymru from its name, and to use, instead, the name Plaid, which conveys only too accurately what the Party stands for, that is itself.

It is expected that "Plaid" will drop the word plaid from its name before long, and go for a more suitable name: ________.