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      Whoops! Maybe you were looking for George Dubya Bush?
President Rick Parry

Rick Parry (that's Parry with an A, for America, for Iowa) is a Texan saint and the man that will bring Real America back. Don't trust that impostor Rick Perry, with his pathetic monies and cornography advertisements. Together, we can help Parry remove Osama and bring a better tomorrow, tomorrow.

Parry is superior to Sarah Palin, since he doesn't ride the bus. Parry is superior to Romney, since he doesn't pick his teeth with fetuses from high school girls. Perry is superior to Herman Cain since he didn't kill his brother. Parry is superior to Newt Gingrich, since he isn't as cold blooded. Parry is superior to anyone else you can throw at him, even Ron Paul with his pot and his anti-Iraq baggage.

At the polls, write in Rick Parry.

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