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Sailor Sol

Sailor Sun's name on earth is Hikarino Namida (Tears of light). Was born on April 25, unknown year.


She is really kind, warm hearted but stubborn.

“Not to mention naïve.”

~ Wigg on interupting the storytelling

She is always trying to show she is not weak at all. Especially to Haruka, she has a little crush on her. She is really close to Setsuna, though they don't talk much but they understand each other pretty well. Even without really telling what is wrong, mostly it's because of Setsuna's wise and sister-like aura. She likes Minako really much, like most of other senshi. Minako always cheers her up and trying to be sure she is happy. Namida has a special care for Sailor Chibiusa, she had saved her from Priestesses theorically. And Usagi really likes Namida, she sees her as her idol sometimes (we all know she had idolised Michiru) once and tried to learn how to be talented and ladylike from inner senshi. So it's not really new :P) Namida had suprised them with her talent, she can move or stop objects with her mind. (there's no spoooon.... :D) She also uses a smelly fish to bitch slap the post-hypothetical Sailor Roseanne (catfight trivia).


She is the lost one of sailor senshi. In days of Silver Millenium, Queen Matelli-ass first attacked the heart of solar system. If the sun goes down, whole solar system could go down too. But Princess Sun (who?) used the most powerful attack on evil queen and managed to destroy the evil aura around her kingdom. This power is known as Eternal Power, it's sum of all sailor senshi' powers. In the end, sailor senshi became weaker and couldn't fight with Queen Beryl-ass properly. But the High Priestesses (who can swallow trouser snakes & ghetto the heavy metal) of Princess Sun sealed her in a crystal for punishment of her impulsive act. But after destruction of Silver Millenium, High Priestesses took Princess away and could survive for more than 1000 years.

They could escape from all evil in space. But their hope and faith became weaker also with years. They revealed the Princess and offered her to buildup teh Sun Kingdom again, but on earth. The Princess refused and escaped from three Priestesses; Lady Blue Meanie, Sarah Palin and Snitsky. Lady Blue Meanie put a curse on Princess before she escaped, she separated her mind and soul in two. After a while, half of Princess went away. She called out for Sailor Senshi to find her, at their first meeting she separated herself in three. One gone away to her lost part, one divided in ten and gave sailor senshi more power. Last part was the only thing she had from herself. After a few weeks, Sailor senshi saved her from Priestesses and their servant; a famous artist Pandora Jetsam (see Neopets).

Yet they knew Namida hold the Eternal Power, she was so weak to fight along them. Usually, they tried to make her rest but she was stubborn. She was feeling sorry for leaving them alone in all other wars. She keeps searching for her lost half, that part creates Sailor Nova, but where o' where is Nova? (see below)

Finding Sailor Nova[change]

Many astronomers tried to locate Nova in some nebulas, but failed. Even the Hubble Space Telescope has.


To get Hades to go back to Earth to marry that cute little pink haired girl. Oh yes, and to guard the Vault of Memories.

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