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A server is a high-tech looking plastic box which stands on a metal shelf with wires and stuff coming out of it. Alternately, it might be a metal box on a plastic shelf, but the wires going in and out are pretty much standard. The wires are for connecting things, like modems, mice, and wireless antennaes made out of metal coathangers.

Servers are used to store files and websites, mostly pornographic in nature, and make them available on the Internet. Servers do not have batteries. Servers are not edible. They may or may not have souls. They are primarily neutral, amoral, anstoic, do their job each day. So should you.


  • Science-fiction movies show a lot of servers. They always turn out to fail which makes the spacecraft in question explode in thousand pieces. Darned servers!
  • While writing this article, the page title said "Changing Server". We assure you this is not a Wikia conspiracy or so.
  • Server sounds like sever and severe, which are really cool words. Try using them in a sentence.

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