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Coat of Arms
Motto: {{{national_motto}}}
Anthem: {{{national_anthem}}}
Capital {{{capital}}}
Largest city {{{largest_city}}}
Official languages {{{official_languages}}}
Government {{{government_type}}}
National Hero(es) {{{national_heros}}}
Currency {{{currency}}}
Religion {{{religion}}}

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How to use this infobox: The fields appearing on the right are all mandatory fields that must be filled or else the infobox will show {{{field_name}}} when used. There are several optional fields (like "population" and "internet_tld") qualified by the "IF" qualifier in the code. You can peruse the code to see if the new field you want is already there. All the fields available (including the optional ones) are listed here. There are three wildcard fields which you can use to create up to three new fields. For example, if you wished to create the field "Accession to EU" and the data "1976" associated with it, you would add this when invoking the template in your relevant page:

{{Infobox Country|
|wildcard_title = Accession to EU
|wildcard_name = 1976

Note that "favourite_object_title#" (used with "favourite_object_name#") are also wildcard fields - just that they appear (& print) earlier in the template. There are five of them. Thus, in all, there are eight wildcards.

Also note that you have to choose between "Independence" and "Formation" - you cannot choose both.

Again, peruse the template and try to get familiar with it. Use "preview" to test. If you still wish to add a field, edit the template using copy & paste to add the code for your new field with an "IF" qualifier. Make sure you use the "IF" qualifier or else your edit might disturb all pages using this template. Finally, add the name of the field you have created to the list at the top of the page.

Important note: The object behind this template is to avoid multiplicity of single-use templates (i.e. one for each nation/country/imaginary-space); towards this end this template has been made as versatile as possible without making it too complicated for visitors.