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Nook is responsible for uneven distribution of income

Thomas Q. Nook IV (or V in Wild World, or possibly VI in City Folk) is a mammilian fascist venture capitalist responsible for the Animal Crossing pandemic. He is supposedely a reliable vendor of such varying goods as shirts, wallpaper, flooring, flowers, tools, and the occasional piece of intoxicating candy. He is allegedly the owner of the real estate market.

His operation of running a fascist village proved succesful, by planting a mayor named Tortimer as the figurehead for operations, using two of his pet birds to run the post office, take over the housing market a la Bernie Madoff, not donate to the arts by building a crappy museum with nothing in it and making the citizens donate crap, monopolizing the turnip stock market, and by not giving people a choice where to shop and sell crap, thus giving them next to nothing.

Nook was born to a Barnes and Noble Nook and an Amazon Kindle back in the day, when raccoons were produced by computers. He set to take over a village and give his tyrannical reign there.

Some have tried to stop Nook's monopoly, or at least it seems. Crazy Redd, owner of Crazy Redd's Market, home of all the counterfiet paintings you and your family would ever need, GracieGrace, where only snotty spoiled teenage girls shop, and some peddling idiots. Truth is Nook is unstoppable and he owns them too.

He has an obsession with putting people in unmanageable debt, and makes you fish, trap bugs, dig dinosaur dung out of the ground, and other such measures to pay it off.