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Google's headquarters near the home of Chuck Norris.

Googleplex: That's right my friends, we just know the truth, Chuck Norris never liked Google. This was revealed this Thursday afternoon 17/08/2011, he stated that Google is the gay thing, so it has colored letters! Chuck Norris made ​​a secret attack to a Google headquarters near his home.

But it all started when he joined Google and saw that every employee had a coladinha pants and colorful, so he decided to take a lesson, said she depended on him (and his gun) he would destroy Google and everyone who use this, and still more said: he said that gays and Google does not last one month, he's with the agenda of deaths this month and has scored full pro near Uncle Pete! And coincidentally, on September 11th! This day is marked by good memories!

While Chuck Norris will only destroy Gaddafi and Google in September, we can see how the seat after the surprise attack today that only had 200 dead. We are expecting!