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Look at these guys riding in style in their new 2011 Ford Brontosaurus

DETROIT, Mitten-state

Due to an economic recession and skyrocketing gas and oil prices, Ford announced they are remaking the first cars used in prehistory. These cars are known for being the first, and for being powered by feet. It is expected that use of these old cars will also decrease obesity due to some exercise. It will also reduce carbon emissions caused from gas. While many groups agree with the reintroduction of this classic model, some idiots want to keep their gas guzzlers and are too lazy to use a little foot power. So, why is this so? Because they suck.

This is expected to anger the lazy youth of this generation, as there are no radios to blast crappy Justin Bieber sounds, put your beer down, make cool designs, or place to make out with demons. Old people criticize it since they had one as a kid and want the cars with less work involved. Everyone else seem to enjoy this transition.