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Nice pick, Mitt.

WASHINGTON, D.C. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney failed epically in the Iowa straw poll, so he picked out Conservapedia founder Andrew Schlafly as a possible Vice-Presidential choice to help his campaign. Schlafly, a Harvard Law School graduate, has argued that Einstein's relativity is false, gravity has not been proven, hand washing is bad for you since Jesus didn't do it, liberals are only capable of deceit, vaccinations are not beneficial and are even harmful for kids, everyone left of wingnut in the GOP is a RINO, libertarian=liberal, dinosaurs still exist, evilution is responsible for natural disasters, rap is evil, Facebook is a liberal institution responsible for deceit and indoctrination, history before Athens is unimportant, homeschooling is superior than atheistic liberal evil public schools full of deceit, and that his blog Conservapedia is replacing television at a spectacular pace.

Romney chose this man since he has a reputation in the far-right of the GOP of being a rhino. He represents the fringe, and would be an excellent balance to Romney's non-wingnut status. After having an insight, Schlafly decided a trusworthy team to the White House to remove all deceit will be the best.